Lacquer is a type of varnish, a hard, shiny surface that is both adornment and protection. The German word, lack, is a homograph to the English lack - such as a lack of knowledge, or a lack of information.

Lack - the printed experiment of sic! Raum für Kunst - aims to question, to knock harder, do more than scratch the surface in a search of splinters, fissures and irregularities. Lack appears two to four times a year.
A different graphic designer is invited to design each issue.

Lack is published at Maniac Press.

editions "Lack/lack"
Nr.1 — No room to swing a cat
in conversation with Alexandra Bachzetsis, Barbara
Davi, Daniel Robert Hunziker, Tassilo Tesche,
Photo Gallery of Marianne Halter, Graphic design by
Dominique Fischer, june 2011

Nr. 2 — Thomas Galler
Text by Diego Castro,
Graphic design by Amanda Haas, november 2011

Nr. 3 — Marianne Eigenheer
Marianne Eigenheer in conservation with Hans Ulrich
Obrist, Graphic design by Marie Cuennet, january 2012

Nr. 4 — Jérôme Leuba
Text by Martin Waldmeier, Graphic design by HI,
october 2012

Nr. 5 — Laute Häuser und Äpfel, die fallen.
Edition for the eponymous exhibition,
Photos by Nina Mann and Rob Nienburg, Text by
Katharina Dunst, Graphic design by Daniel Peter, may 2013

Nr. 6 — All bark no bite?
with articles on art criticism yesterday, today and tomorrow
byBarbara Basting, Cathérine Hug, Kolja Reichert, Marianne Wagner, Konrad Tobler and Pablo Müller
published on the occasion of the presence of sic! as a guest at Kaskadenkondensator during Liste, Art Fair, Basel, Graphic design by Mirko Leuenberger, Juni 2014